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How about taking a few pictures of gardens with me? Or to share with me. Feeling tired and stressed... need some R&R?  You don't have to do much more than just be in a garden to relax and get your calm back. Well, getting out your camera and photographing helps, too.

Once you know what's special about this particular garden, plan what photos you want to take. Maybe your favourite flowers or a gorgeous landscape of a spring flower bed. Try a few panoramas. If you have a cell phone, there's an app for that. And here are a few tips to help you get better cell phone pictures.

Every season has a different quality of light. The palette of colors and scents change as well while the days grow longer or shorter. Each garden has its own character and beauty and you'll find quite a variety of gardens in this section.

... like spectacular home gardens or gardens with historical significance.

  • Scroll on down the page for your invitation to share your choice pictures of gardens and stories with us. Others have already shared, so how about looking at those stories and photos from their favourite gardens, then add yours.

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Want a Fabulous Garden Of Your Own to Photograph?
... Here's A Website For You

Swallowtail Butterfly On Day LilyNo garden is without its bees and butterflies.

You don't need a 10 acre plot of land to transform your yard into a garden paradise.

The birds and the bees don't care if your piece of heaven is a  patio, a balcony or half an acre of luscious garden. They'll come and hang out with you no matter how big or small, with the right flowers to attract them.

Here's a bit of help with photographing butterflies... they're fast and tricky.

That might mean seeking counsel... someone who's planned and executed a compact garden with planters.

No matter, I have a website source that I drool over on a continual basis. Anyone in need of a little inspiration will find it right here... in the Houzz website.

Check out their Outdoor Photos and Outdoor Living Stories. Then start designing your own backyard flower photography studio.

Oh, and definitely sign up for their newsletter. It will be the sunshine of your week.

Want Fabulous Pictures of Gardens?
... Read (And Practice) These Tips

  • Garden tours are very popular these days.  I'm so inquisitive about other people's homes and gardens so I grab any opportunity to take a jaunt through the neighborhood yards. I love to see what people are making of their outdoor living spaces!  Make sure the folks are okay with visitors taking photographs.
  • Some of best fun I've had is spending time in a Garden Centre.  Taking photos inside means no wind and blurry images. There's a huge selection of flowers and different garden scenes in one relatively small area. If you're lucky, you'll have a restaurant or cafe there to relax and go over your files.
  •  Use people to give your pictures of gardens a warm, human touch. A garden portrait of your friend or family member... or your pet. Never forget your pet.

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