Garden Video
Back Up Your Garden Memories

Want to shoot a garden video but don't know how? With every cell phone and DSLR recording in such high quality, the most technically challenged among us can easily record our gorgeous gardens.

I felt nervous and clumsy when I started shooting video. It's not very different from taking photos. Most of the photography rules apply. If you know anything about photographic composition and exposure, you're prepared. If I can do it, you can do it!

What You Need
... Not a long list for great video

  1. A video camera... Not always an added expense... most digital SLR cameras are capable of capturing your garden video in very good quality. Cell phones also have video and the quality is constantly improving.
  2. A tripod is a must... All of these cameras, except the huge professional models, are very light-weight. And its impossible to hold your hand steady. My first effort made me feel sea-sick when I watched it. Amazon is on place you can buy an inexpensive cell camera holder to attach to your tripod.
  3. Camera manual... a must to study before you use the video camera for your garden videos. Then keep it as your constant companion. Never know when you'll need it.
  4. Computer software... comes with your camera. But, there are more advanced software programs, like Photoshop which now edits video... amazing! Or iMovie that comes with the Mac. Which also has Garage Band to record music and other sounds. After finishing the movie, Quick Time works with iMovie to convert files to other formats. You've probably heard of MP4. That's the format I use for my website videos, but there are other formats.  iMovie converts your final edited video to other formats that play well on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Of course, there are professional video editing programs but they're expensive and they have a steep learning curve.

TIP:  If you don't know how to edit your clips into a movie, go to  There are talented individuals there who will do it for you and they won't charge you a fortune. To get someone reliable, check their customer testimonials and how many jobs they've done so far.

Tips For Purchasing a Camera for Video

There are hundreds of cameras on the market today. Some cameras are totally dedicated to taking video... others are DSLRs or cell phones that take both still photos and video.  And they get smaller, better, and lighter in weight. All great features! But before you buy one -

  • Know what you want your video camera to do.
  • Do a lot of research for cameras that have the functions you want.
  • Go to several camera stores for information. Don't be shy about asking the staff what their choice is and why.
  • Use the internet. Go to and do a search for video cameras. When you see something you like, read about it, especially the reviews and comments from people who've used the camera. Scroll down the page to find that information.

Several years ago, I tried out my niece's older Canon before deciding if a dedicated video camera was for me. The software didn't work with my computer... it was just too old. Even though I lost all my video, it was still fun. Decision made!

Next step was finding the right video camera for me. My favorite camera store staff advised me that a Canon Vixia HF200 would do the job. And it did the job I wanted it to do. Video is such great fun!

Now, I use that video camera once in awhile... most of the time I use my iPhone or my Nikon DSLR. It's more convenient when I'm packing all my gear to leave one camera behind. And the new cameras take incredible quality video.

Not Ready to Get Your Own Garden Video?
... I'd be happy to record your memories for you

There are lots of reasons people end up letting the opportunity go by. What's your reason for not recording your precious garden video?

  1. you're technically challenged
  2. you don't have the time
  3. you want to be the star of your garden video

No matter what the reason, you really would love a garden video... or a video of your garden event.

I can think of several events video would be a super idea:

  1. your child's birthday party outside in the garden
  2. your garden is on the community garden tour
  3. your cat or dog loves to play in the garden
  4. your roses are totally mind-blowing this summer
  5. garden weddings

And so many more reasons....

Ask Me About Creating Your Garden Video.

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I know you'll want photos of all your garden events but think about the extra-special touch of video! You'll turn those fleeting flowers into a permanent movie, right there to replay any time you want to put yourself back into that moment.  The only thing missing will be the scent of the flowers.

And how popular are garden weddings...right? Spring and summer at Queen Elizabeth Park here in Vancouver is Wedding Central. Beautiful brides. Handsome husbands. Busy photographers! And recently the video cameras are popping up. Fantastic!

Why would anyone miss recording the most important day of a couple's life together in video?

What a great way to celebrate a first anniversary! Snuggle up together on the couch... turn on the TV and celebrate the wedding day again!

How many special times have you let slip by without recording them for you and the people you love? Leaving behind a piece of your history in video is so much more meaningful than passing on the old clock on the mantel.

The garden you care for and life's celebrations that take place there... they should be remembered and passed on. The grandchildren you may not even have yet would be ever so grateful.

So, for the most important events... contact me to create your garden video.

I guarantee, 100%... you'll love it.

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