A Cherry Blossom Picture Show
... South Korea, the "Land of Morning Calm"

There's more than one way to get a cherry blossom picture for your collection. Film cameras, digital cameras, watercolors, oils.... What else is there? The camera you have right now, your cell phone or your DSLR, has another way to capture pictures.

VIDEO. The perfect threesome - a digital camera, a film camera and that darling little video machine. Yeah - the anticipation of being a world-class movie producer. And three types of cameras to play with now!

I gotta' tell you, this spring was a heck of a lot of fun. But it had its irritations, too. Changing from PC to Mac, learning the newest iMovie - and being a new-comer to the video camera game - well, there were more than a few frustrations. Lucky I'm persistent.

But I've turned out a few good videos now and here they are folks! How about a cherry blossom picture show? Just kick back and enjoy!

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A Cherry Blossom Video
... Daegu University, South Korea

Both videos on this page were shot at Daegu University campus. It's not far outside of Daegu city. The campus is one glorious garden and every year more are added.

This huge university sits in a valley and the mountains provide a lush green backdrop. The university owns a huge forested area with plenty of hiking areas to get close to nature.  Fabulous bird watching and often you'll catch a glimpse of the small native deer. I'm sure I spent as much time in the forest with the dogs as I spent teaching in the classroom!

In 2010, after 8  years. I left for one year home in Vancouver... then back to Korea for another 3 1/2 years.  I missed the extraordinary BC gardens but Korea also has its share of luscious flora. And the spring time's are amazing!

A Cherry Blossom Picture Show
... or, how to make a video from your photos

Music "Happy Children" from AudioJungle.com
All images ©Glenys Morgan

This cherry blossom picture video was fun to put together... and it was easy. Use your images and the visual/motion effects in your video program. The movement creates the feel of a real video. But don't overdo the motion - too much might make your viewers click off.

Using photos in a video saves your images from sitting on your hard drive and being ignored forever more!  You took them for a reason, so enjoy them... again and again.

Where can I get music for my videos?

Be careful about the music you use.  Don't steal music... or images. Google will know and punish you!  There are plenty of audio websites, some where you can use their music for free if you're not using your video for  commercial purposes.  And you can license music very cheaply...

Try sites like Envato.com and click on their audiojungle section. A site that will help you with absolutely any project you're putting together.

The South Korean climate
... it can be tough on your camera!

Summers are hot and humid. Daegu, is the hottest and most humid area in Korea, except for Jeju Island off the south coast. Prepare to sweat A LOT! Carry drinking water with you at all times and stay hydrated. Gardens begin to look stressed.

Winter is cold and very dry. Most areas have lots of snow. There are several ski resorts - young Koreans have really taken to winter sports! Obviously, you won't find outdoor gardens in a Korean winter!

Fall is the best time to visit...especially if you like photographing the changing colours. The temperature's warm, nights are cooler and humidity is down.

Spring is beautiful in Korea thanks to the cherry blossoms and Koreans' love of flowers ... Cherry blossoms cover the entire country. No better place to get a cherry blossom picture (or many more) than in Korea.

But you may encounter the yellow dust .Thick clouds of pollution and sand blow over from China. If the level is high, stay indoors. If you go out to photograph, both you and your camera may suffer!.

March, April and May can have a lot of rainfall. By late June the heavy monsoon rains hit.... ...Monsoon continues through July. Pelting rains and thick fog can last into August. It's difficult to give a time frame... it changed drastically over the past few years I was there.

These torrential rains can really “put a damper” on your photography activities. Take my word for it - being caught in a monsoon deluge is beyond unpleasant - and definitely not healthy for camera equipment

If you decide to visit spring or summer - check these tips for keeping your photography gear high and dry.

I use a Mac and iMovie comes with the MacBook Pro. Photoshop also edits video now... it's fantastic. If you're a Photoshop user, try it out.... you'll love it! All the editing functions that you use on your photos are right there for your videos.

Your cell phone and most DSLRs shoot HDR video now.  So, either way, put it all together with some music or other audio and keep your spring time memories fresh. Audio's really a must. You can add your own commentary plus music in the background.  Experiment.

Till then, happy shooting with whatever camera's in your hands! And schedule some time to learn a good video editing program. Get the best ever cherry blossom picture this spring. Share it below in the comments so we can all admire your work.

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