Pictures of Flowers
What's Your Favorite?

My pictures of flowers are grouped into galleries… they’re just below.  Take your time and enjoy browsing.

Some of my images were taken several years ago, many when I was studying photography. I’ve been through several phases desperately trying to find my style and narrow down what I truly love to shoot.

While I was in photography school in Vancouver, some of my most beautiful images (still, to this day) were in the gorgeous gardens that Vancouver and Vancouver Island are famous for.

I was an introverted child, by myself out in nature most of the time. So it’s no wonder that wedding or street photography just didn’t stick. It was nature I kept returning to.

I already had a personal style as far as my pictures of flowers went. I experimented and I still do.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” - T.S. Eliot

My pictures of flowers have changed over the years. I think most of us change and if we don't, that would be a pity.

Some of the most important tools that influence my photography might surprise you. Meditation, mindfulness, QiGong...  reading Einstein’s biography!

The more connected you are to the natural environment, and to yourself, the more improvement you’ll see in your flower photos.There's much more to photography than the technical terms and theory!

And, what better teachers and friends than the flowers?

I love photographing dahlias and the light on this red flower makes this a luminous image.  It's a RAW file and I didn't do much to it in Photoshop... just the usual tweaks, then  a vignette.

When you bought your camera, it most likely came with a basic photo editing program. If you're artistic, get one that's more advanced!

Like Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe (CC) offers that combination in their monthly photographer's program for under $10 a month. How can you lose?

Flower Galleries

Magenta Dahlia With Green Centre
Painterly Fuchsia Daylily With Raindrops

DAHLIAS  - You are in control
of your own destiny

DAYLILIES - The fleeting
nature of the flower

Purple Irises With Textures

IRISES - Royalty, hope,
light and power.

White Lotus Resting on Water

LOTUSES - the symbol of enlightenment

ORCHIDS - Exotic flowers
of magnificence

ROSES - Roses are love
and romance.

Spring Daffodils In Orange and Yellow

SPRING BULBS - welcome
spring  with a warm heart

Miniature Sunflower Florets Close Up

SUNFLOWERS - the flowers
of happiness and sunshine

Yellow and Red Tulips Backlighting Textures

TULIPS - A declaration of love...
a kaleidoscope of colors.

Pink Waterlily in Daegu, South Korea

WATER LILIES - Peace and

Go to On1 Software and download their free editing programs. You don't have to purchase their most recent programs to use the freebees. Click on Downloads  and you'll see Free Products

It's true! ... the programs are totally free. And they have super duper training videos and webinars.  They aren't paying me a cent to rave about them. That's how much I love their programs!

  • If you're intimidated by Photoshop...  it does have a steep learning curve... you'll love onOne Perfect Photo Suite.  Adobe CC is out now and it's a cool deal.  If you have any Photoshop program from CS3 onwards, you can get Photoshop and Lightroom for a monthly charge of US $9.99.  But check out all the packages on their website

Just begin with any photo editor of your choice and send me your best!  Ciao for now.  "The journey of a thousand steps..... "

Share your pictures of flowers
... What's the fun in keeping it to yourself?

Share your photos of flowers and get some feedback. Look into some online photo services like Flickr. If you subscribe to the Adobe Photographers' plan, you belong to Behance, a group where you can share and get feedback from fellow photographers.

You can go directly to Flickr and start uploading your pictures. Everyone gets a thrill out of looking at their photos online and sharing them with friends.

View the services available at Shutterfly. They promise never to delete your files and their storage is free and unlimited.

There are countless online photo sharing services... Google them if you're a “comparative shopper”.  There's always Facebook as well!

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Pictures of Flowers

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