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Taking pictures of gardens is one of the most rewarding pastimes ever! These outdoor living spaces transform and nourish us in both body and soul!

With each changing season, a different quality of light is revealed. The palette of colors and the scents also flow gently into the next phase.

You will find quite a variety of gardens in this section, like spectacular home gardens or gardens that have historical significance.

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I spent several years in Saudi Arabia and when I came back to Canada, I made a stop at my sister's for a brief R&R. Then I headed off to the Yukon and Alaska... eventually to Vancouver to study photography.

In all three places there are gardens galore, but in Vancouver... Wow! There are so many gardens... absolutely overwhelming. It's hard to know where to start.

The perfect city for a flower and garden photographer to call home!

"He has dared to create effects so true to life as to appear unreal, but which charm us irresistibly, as does all nature revealed. Who inspired all this? His flower. Who was his teacher? His garden."

~ Arsene Alexandre ~

Le Jardin de Monet, La Figaro 1901

Get some butterfly photography hints here in case you want to include them in your pictures of gardens.

International Gardens and Exhibitions




Here's the page dedicated to Botanical Gardens.  Make sure you take a look at it as well.

Got a Hankering for a Fabulous Yard?
... Do I have the perfect website for you!

You don't need a 10 acre plot of land to transform your yard into a garden paradise.

The birds and the bees don't care if your piece of heaven is a  patio, a balcony or half an acre of luscious garden. They'll come and hang out with you no matter how big or small, with the right flowers to attract them.

That might mean seeking counsel... someone who's planned and executed a compact garden with planters.

No matter, I have a website source that I drool over on a continual basis. Anyone in need of a little inspiration will find it right here... in the Houzz website.

Check out their Outdoor Photos and Outdoor Living Stories. Then start designing your own backyard flower photography studio.

Oh, and definitely sign up for their newsletter. It will be the sunshine of your week.

Need To Improve Your Pictures of Gardens?
... Try these hints to make yours stand out.

Garden tours are very popular these days.  I'm so inquisitive about other people's homes and gardens so I grab any opportunity to take a jaunt through the neighborhood yards. I love to see what people are making of their outdoor living spaces!

Make sure the folks are okay with visitors taking photographs.

When you're shooting photos of gardens, it's always good to add the human element! A garden portrait of your friend or family member... or your pet. Never forget your pet!

Also, browse seasonal gardens here. The quality of light and plants in the garden change radically through the seasons so you'll want to take photos year-round.

Show Us Your Flower Garden Pictures

Do you have some pictures of gardens that you can spin a tale around?

Did you and your camera travel far and wide... or did you just walk across the street?

Could be the garden you lovingly tend in your own back yard. Maybe its your friend's garden. Doesn't matter... we want to see and hear about it. And humorous... well, who doesn't feel better after a good chuckle?

Think of making this a "group" effort. Maybe you took some super flower garden pictures and one of your family members loves writing a good story! Then make this a partner effort and be sure to tell me your names... just so I can give credit to all sides!

Please only submit stories and pictures of gardens that are truly yours! If they aren't, and you don't have written permission to use them, you can't!

Your Stories and Pictures of Gardens

Click on any of the links below to see some stories and special flower garden pictures. They're shared by other visitors to this page.

This amazing image was captured by Stuart Rouse. I love Bluebells but they have a very short season. This image is so precious because Stuart has …

Primrose Garden 
This is a very pretty garden close to Canterbury in Kent, England. I have to own up to the fact that it isn't mine. It belongs to my sister-in-law who …

Pink Petunias 
Allow me to share one of my many Daegu (South Korea) walk-about joys. I often spend hours just walking around Daegu, and at times come across some …

Disney World 
Disney World has so many flowers. In October my mom took my sister Rachel and I to Disney World for the first time. We were so excited! As soon as …

White Cosmos 
White cosmos flower is one of the most common flowers in S. Korea. From June to October it blooms almost everywhere including riverbanks and roadsides. …

QE Park Not rated yet
Last year my husband and I visited our Canadian neighbors and spent a week in Vancouver, BC. Queen Elizabeth Park was on our tour itinerary and we certainly …

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