Flower Photography
from the soul

Want to get better at flower photography?  Easy enough if you...

  1. get to know your camera and all it's buttons and whistles like the back of your hand (your camera manual required) ;
  2. learn your photography theory and practice... a lot! (You'll learn that right here.)

Get serious about those two things and you'll see some serious improvement ... as far as your technique goes! But, there's a 3rd, elusive ingredient.

Have you ever felt that sense of awe when you saw a spectacular flower or garden photograph... it actually took your breath away?

Well, that picture started way before the photographer picked up her camera. It began with a reverence for nature and an awareness of the miracles about to be discovered in this garden.

So, the 3rd element of a moving photograph is mindfulness... a deep appreciation and respect for what we're privileged to experience through the lens.

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We'll explore:

  • Flower photography tips and hints to help you make better and more meaningful photos you'll be proud to show off.
  • The Spiritual Garden... There are few places on earth that are as peaceful and as close to heaven as a garden. You might call that energy God, or you might use a different name. To me, it's Spirit. When I'm in a garden, spiritual energy surrounds me like a warm, comforting blanket that I can wear the rest of my day.
  • Special tips on photographing butterflies. No, butterflies aren't flowers, but they have been called "flying flowers". No garden can exist without the butterflies, the bees and the multitudes of pollinators.

  • Video - a super way to catch movement, like those dashing butterflies. Want to remember what your garden looked like the best blooming year ever? Capture the whole space with you cell phone camera or your DSLR.
  • Photo Editing - I love to work in the digital darkroom. Don't be nervous about photo editing. Jump in and experiment. With a little guidance (from Yours Truly), you'll be comfortable, confident and competent creating beautiful photo art from your own photos.

  • Information about Gardens, Festivals and Celebrations from all over this amazing world of ours. 
  • Information about guided tours to magical gardens of the world. Join up and you'll not only get that vacation you've been praying for... you'll be spending time touring some of the most famous gardens of the world. You'll meet new friends, improve your photography and have a whole lot of fun to boot! 
  • Flower symbolism. Flowers have a language all their own. What flowers mean is sprinkled all through my website. Pick up a few ideas if you want your next bouquet to mean something unique and special.

  • Photo crafts from your own garden and flower photography. Not just to show off... there's a wee bit of pride in printing your gorgeous images on your cell phone case, on your favourite T-shirt, or embroidered on a cushion for Grandma's Christmas present.

Flower Photography
... from the soul.

Quite often, I meditate in a quiet part of the garden for awhile before I scout out scenes or specific flowers I want to photograph.  After I've got a feel for the garden's energy, ideas come more easily for images that I think would tell a unique story about the garden.

Flower photography is a very contemplative process. Everything in the garden... the birds and their songs, the water features, strategically placed art, and the plants, create an environment that has to flood all of your senses. You can't photograph a garden by rushing through it! It's a slow, gentle, experiential process.

If you can't get to a garden today, there's always a flower nearby. Even one little flower can be an awesome subject.  A delicate little flower pushing aside the concrete, reaching up to the sun, is a story of strength and courage!

My goal is to help you with your photography skills and show you how to improve your flower and garden photography. And even more, to encourage you to slow down and truly enjoy the garden... to see and experience it as you never have before both with your eyes and through the lens.

Practicing mindfulness for better garden photos doesn't just improve your photos.  You'll experience a positive spin-off in all areas of your life.

Let me know if there's something you love here... want more (or less) of...  or, tell me what's missing. 

There's a Comments Section at the bottom of every page. Leave me your thoughts for making my website even better!

And one more thing; please share this site with other flower photography enthusiasts!

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